Facility & Equipment

CMCM has a large inventory of production equipment available to members, including the Marin TV studio, Sony X70 field cameras, a Blackmagic multi-camera field shoot sytem, Final Cut Pro X video editing stations, and a private editing suite.

Production Studio
The Marin TV studio is a robotic four-camera remote studio with low-energy fluorescent lighting and a double curtain cyc (black/gray/green screen). Camera inputs, computer, and Blueray, sources are available for the control room's Blackmagic switcher. Producers can record programming straight to SSD cards. Audio is mixed via a 24-channel Yamaha mixer. Basic CG for titles is available via a Compix Character Generator system. Other features include a teleprompter, a phone hybrid for taking live on-air calls, a talent IFB, and COM system for a floor director. Depending on the complexity of the production, the entire control room operation can be managed by a two-to-four person crew.

Field Cameras
Professional Sony Z5 HDV and Sony X70 AVCHD cameras are available for checkout along with microphones (wireless, wired, handheld, lavalier, shotgun, etc.), tripods, lights, and all associated accessories.

Editing Facilities
The editing lab consists of 12 iMac digital video editing workstations running Mac OS X, Adobe Creative Suite, and the newest version of Final Cut Pro X. A private editing suite is also available.

Event coverage
For multi-camera shoots in the field, members can use the Blackmagic portable field switcher. The Blackmagic Field Kit consists of the ATEM Switcher, laptop controller, two hyperdeck recorders w/monitors and a multi-view. Cameras and cables must be reserved separately.

Fee for Service
CMCM Production Services are available to members and non-members who would like to hire CMCM staff to produce their non-commercial programming. Fees include equipment and certified personnel costs.